Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fulfilling Hobbies

Last Monday night for Family Home Evening my daughter Teeny Bopper was giving the lesson. For the lesson each person was instructed to bring a treasured item to the living room. We then went around and each of us got a turn telling about the item we chose, why it is a treasure to us, who gave it to us, etc. Well, guess what TWO of our daughters chose as their "treasures"??? Scrapbooks!! That's right, scrapbooks! I felt so good about that and so glad that I love scrapbooking as a hobby. And I'm even more glad that I'm not the only one who likes to look at them. Sweet G chose my wedding album and Blondie chose a family album that she likes. Anyway, it gave me a boost and I wanted to remember that so I am writing it here. As for the other treasures, just for the record, I brought my camera, DH brought some historic money, Teeny Bopper brought a quilt that her aunt made, and Little Miss brought her slinky. :)


*Katie May* said...

the slinky, thats great :) Tha's awesome that, that is what they teasure and I am sure that IT did you a boost I know it would have given me one

KaraLyn said...

What a great compliment to you! I know my kids love their scrapbooks. Macee is always pulling hers out and looking at it. That means you need to keep up the scrapbooks! Let's start a monthly scrapnight... What do you think?