Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A new Super Hero is here!

Let's call him "Captain Plunger" or "Happy Plunger Man". His alter ego is otherwise known on this blog as Dr. Destructo, and he has a fascination with our toilet plunger. Not the clean sink plunger, the nasty, yucky toilet plunger! What's up with that?!? This morning as I am making breakfast I hear whinnying behind me and turn around to find Dr. D riding around on the plunger like it was a horsey, sound effects and all. (which is also very boyish, right? sound effects for everything?) I thought about letting him ride it while I went to get the camera, but I just couldn't. I took the disgusting thing away as fast as I could and photographed it later. He went off to find his real stick horse and was fine. I honestly think he did it just to get a rise out of me. I thought he was too young for that but I am changing my mind. I think he totally knows what he's doing! 19 months old and smart as a whip!
Which brings me to another topic... Who photographs their toilet plunger besides crazy blogging, scrapbooking people? It's an interesting phenomena I am happy to be a part of. :)


SuperCoolMom said...

Absolutely! No truly gross kid story is complete without an accompanying photo!

*Katie May* said...

ha ha you right! Only us weird blogger take pics like that. Landon has been into climbing up the kids stool in the bathroom and sitting in the sink and filling it up with water! It's driving me crazy!

Christine said...

Funny! Funny! Funny! I absolutely love it! I think he must take after an uncle - maybe Dangerous Dan? I think we should team our boys up - Dr. Destructo and Destructo Boy (which is what we call Christopher). Superheroes? Um... on second thought, maybe not. There's not enough lysol, scrubbing bubbles or soap around.

Keeper of Banners said...

That's my boy!
Now that he has annoying sisters, dirt, germ warfare, and motorcycle riding down it is time to introduce him to the glories of high explosives!!!
Give it up for my little man cub Mowgli!

Jen said...

I was thinking the very thing. Who does photograph their plunger? However, in retrospect, I think I would have done the same.