Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sister Missionaries for dinner

So on Sunday I signed up to feed the sister Missionaries dinner on Wednesday, which would be today. Well, that was like 3 whole days ago, and you don't expect me to remember THAT long do ya? Good, because I didn't. Nope-it totally slipped my mind. But I believe the Lord was looking out for His missionaries because here's how the day went down (and NO, I don't believe it was coincidental). :)
Morning: as usual, nothing big going on. (not much house cleaning either, let me tell ya) Although I was wondering what to have for dinner since we basically had no food (meaning besides some canned veg and dried beans which technically do count as food but you know what I mean!) and was informed that we had no cash to buy anything for a few days probably. So...
Afternoon: I go through some papers on top of the microwave and find a Mystery Guest check that I hadn't cashed yet. I decide to cash it and use some of it for groceries for the next couple days. I pick up the kids, drop them all at home and head to the bank and store by myself for a little down time. I take my time at Fry's and look around at the home stuff as well as pick out some food. The steak was on a SUPER deal, so I decide to make fajitas for dinner with a boatload of meat and some other stuff I already had at home.
I pull up at my house at approx. 5 pm (the time we were supposed to have dinner with the sisters) and the Missionaries pull up right behind me. As soon as I recognized who they were it all came flooding back to me. (the clipboard passing, taking the pen, signing my name, etc.) Whoops!! The house looks a bit more "lived in" than I usually like for company, there is NO dinner ready, and no one is prepared for the occasion. I did by some MIRACLE put makeup on while I was waiting to pick up the kids after school in the car. They come smiling up the driveway and after greeting them I had to spill the truth that I totally forgot they were coming. They graciously came in and helped me prepare fajitas which were done in a flash and they shared messages with my kids who were literally rapt with their little presentation. (they did run around and scream like banshees while we were cooking, however)
Anyway, they were DELIGHTFUL and wonderful and it was a great experience. I believe I found the money for dinner, got home at the perfect time, had a quick and plentiful meal in mind, and was able to pull the whole thing off because the Lord loves His missionaries and made up for my shortcomings. This strikes me as a tender mercy and a sign of His hand in our lives. Not only did His servants get fed (what turned out to be a very tasty dinner, BTW) but we were fed by the Hermanas who came and taught us. (Spanish speaking sisters)

What a great day.


SuperCoolMom said...

So great when miracles happen and you actually realize it!

Jen said...

What are you doing up at this hour? I guess I am not alone! :)

*Katie May* said...

That's awesome!!!

Jen said...

hey salsa, breastfeeding, so typing w/ 1 hand. just wondering if i can add your link 2 my blog. loved your blog about the sisters. i can relate!

Christine said...

OH I LOVE TENDER MERCIES! I think I will write a book about them someday. My mom has a "trick" that I now use because I'm in the same boat with the Mommy Brain going (or not going, as the case may be) - write it in your "palm pilot" - a.k.a. take the pen attached to the clipboard and write a little note on the inside of your palm (like MW5 which means Missionaries, Wednesday 5). I know I look silly to the sister sitting next to me but I just tell them I will forget if I don't and they understand! Glad I'm not the only one this happens to.

TanFam said...

that's an AWESOME experience!

Jarom and Amy said...

That is so amazing. I can relate with the memory issues, that sort of thing happens to me all the time. It's so wonderful to know the Lord is looking out for you, isn't it? (And the Hermanas!) How appropo that you would have fajitas for the Spanish speaking missionaries, too. :)
BTW Nik mentioned that you were interested in reading my blog. If so, send me an email and I'll invite you. I just need to know your google name I guess.

Erin Ann said...

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