Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Viva Mexico!

We are having fun down here in Mexico with the fam. We came down on Monday after stopping in Pima to visit my Grandma G. She has always been one of my very favorite people, hence naming our Sweet G after her. (I always planned to name one of my daughters after her.) Grandma is an ultimate example of strength to me and we all love her very much.
Anyways, here we are enjoying this lovely summer weather. Yes, I just described summer as lovely because we have left 108 type temperatures and entered the 80 degree type weather. (it's 74 or something right now) The kids are loving playing outside and not frying in the process. They have been playing on the swings, trampoline, teeter-totter, and lounging in the hammocks. There is also an ample supply of kittens around that have been keeping them entertained.
Their dad, my wonderful DH, has also been taking the girls for drives around town. And letting THEM do the driving. I do NOT approve of this, but am also not around when he takes them so what does it matter if I approve or not, right? Teeny Bopper got the suburban up to 50 mph aparently and drove on the road with cars passing her and everything. Ay yay yay. Today they went for tractor rides which Dr. Destructo LOVED and did not want to get off. Teeny Bopper, Sweet G and Blondie all got to drive this time. Yes, that news thrilled me.

I have been hanging around with my kids and also spending time with my SIL C. We have been doing our usual activities--playing our piano duets, giving each other pedicures, talking, drinking smoothies, and a little cooking.
We also took Little Miss to Casas today to have DH's brother D test her hearing. She has been failing her hearing tests at school so we needed to see what is going on with her. She has some nerve damage and a moderate hearing loss in the lower ranges. Which isn't that big of a deal, but enough that D said we should make sure she always gets front row seats in class and such. It was kind of sad to hear that she has some hearing issues, probably born with them. Parents always want their children to be as perfect as possible, am I right?

All in all, it has been GREAT and I'm so glad we have 5 more days to enjoy being here.
(Oh, and BTW, DH offered to take a picture of my toes so I could blog about them. Now who's getting addicted...:) He has a day by day account of our trip on his blog for anyone who wants more info.)


Jen said...

oooohhhhh!~ I'm so mad I'm not there! Nine more days! When do you leave?

Crazymamaof6 said...

sounds like the perfect vacation! and i'm sure your girls are thrilled to be driving.

SuperCoolMom said...

That weather does sound perfect! How nice for the kids to be able to play outside. Glad you're having a good time! We missed you girls at YW tonight!

*Katie May* said...

Sounds like fun! Crazy about the driving I wouldn't be to happy either.

Andrea said...

sounds like you're having a fun & awesome-weather vacay!!

BTW - I have your prize from my long ago pay it forward contest!! I need to get it to you when you get back!! :)

Melinda Pink said...

So cool. I am glad that you are getting relief from this horrid heat. I just love being down there-so good to get away from all thats in the city.