Tuesday, September 30, 2008

house cleaning and such

I can't remember how I came across this blog, probably from one of you reading this! If it was you, thank you. :) I just HAD to post this gal's cleaning routine. It is very inspiring and makes me think I need to have more cleaning in my daily routine so things don't pile up on me. If you can't tell, I am enjoying my clean house and don't want it to get all messed up right away. haha So...check this out:

"The day actually begins the night before. At 7:30p when I get Livy ready for bed, one thing that I always do is walk through the house and see if there is anything that belongs in her room. We also pick up her room before laying her down.

Then when it's time for me to head to bed, I will do a quick 5 minute pick up of things that need to be put away. I also like to have Eduardo empty the dishwasher so the next day I can load it after meals which keeps my Super Shiney Sink pretty. I will also replace the hand towel in the bathroom and in the kitchen for the next day. No one likes a stinky dirty towel in the morning!

In the morning after I get Livy up and feed her breakfast, I start with sweeping the floors. I must sweep daily. This includes my living room/dining room, front porch (Yes! I do that daily. It helps keep the dirt from coming into the house), bathroom and kitchen.

Next vacuuming. I vacuum EVERYTHING daily. This means I go over the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Got to get the dust bunnies that the broom doesn't get. Plus I have three cats and that means FUR! I do all rooms with carpet (and the rug on the porch) and vacuum the couches. Yes! I vacuum the couches daily because of cats. Vacuuming takes me the longest of all the chores which ranges from 15 min to 30 min depending on the distractions.

Then I dust. Yes! I dust daily too! I like to use Murphy Oil soap for floors in the living room and I found that with a microfiber cloth I can use the soap to dust my furniture. Dusting takes me seriously 5 minutes tops. I save dusting the collectables to when I am deep cleaning. Daily dusting is just the wood furniture that collects dust SO easily.

Next I mop the living room/dining room with the prepared Murphy Soap.

Then onto the kitchen where I fill up the sink with a multi purpose cleaner. I wipe down all counters, applicances and cabinet doors if needed. Then I mop.

In the bathroom, same thing. I fill up the sink, wipe down the sink, toilet (scrub toilet) and the outside of the tub. I will spend good time scrubbing the tub once a week. I don't enjoy it enough or have enough time to scrub daily. Then mop.

At this point, the house is clean and I can focus on Livy and the daycare kids. All of this takes me about an hour to complete. During this time, Livy is eating breakfast and then having free play.

I do laundry three times a week....Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. And try to put it away as each batch comes out of the dryer.

Some days during nap time I will work on deep cleaning projects in the house. I have my house broken up into zones (yes, inspired by Flylady but not able to follow her plan. It simply does not work for me). I have a small house so I can fit about two rooms into a zone. Each week I have a "zone" that I work on to deep clean. This includes dusting lights, baseboards, vacuum the inside of couches, dust collectables, picture frames, de-clutter, clean blinds, cupboards, etc. It really doesn't take me much time because it is broken up during the week, no distractions from kids and by staying on top of it.

I RARELY clean on Saturdays and NEVER on Sundays.

The most important thing when creating a cleaning routine is to find one that works for you and your family. When Livy is older, I will expect her to help in different ways. She lives here, makes messes and I want her to learn to be responsible for herself. I feel there is no need for her to have a room that looks like an atomic bomb exploded in it."

Do you have cleaning schedules? What do you do to keep your house nice? Does anyone know if Murphy oil soap is good on laminate flooring?


RhondaLue said...

If my kids rooms didnt look like an atomic bomb exploded in it I'd think I was at the wrong house, or had the wrong children living with me! j/k...sorta

I like just picking up as I go and notice things. I definitely cannot even think about dusting every thing and vacuuming furniture etc every day. No chance. I'm a neatnick by nature so unless the mess belongs to someone else (read: JED who doesn't want me messing with his "stuff" cuz he knows I'll purge a lot of it!) it doesn't take me long to get to it.

*Katie May* said...

WOW!! That lady sounds like super mom! I don't have a cleaning schedule that's probably why my house looks like crap all the time :)

Melinda said...

My kids help me a lot. My house is always clean by the time I go to bed and most of the time the laundry is all done too...I sleep better that way. Everyone does their share. On Fridays I do deep cleaning and usually find one main area to focus on. When I clean I like working my way from back of the house to the front and then do floors last. I take one room at a time. My floors are mostly tile so I sweep and mop everyday too...thats the worst part of cleaning for me.

Mother Goose said...

I am the same as your friends link. I was a terrible perfectionist who would obsess over one spot as the rest of the house falls apart. I do adore order and cleanliness so it drives me insane if things are not in order.
I got a part time job and this helped trememdously so I didn't have to micro manage.
I too have used the fly lady and implemented her ideas to work with mine and I LOVE IT!! it sounds like that girl in the link was once a fly baby as well. check out flylady.net
I love how you go through your house and do a 27 fling boogie. always have your kitchen clean before you go to bed and she breaks deep cleaning into zones. Which I still follow to this day. I used fly lady for 3 months. very very easy and then I was able to do it on my own and tweak it to me.
my kids even fly. I had a post about that too, where they play a game 10 minutes to put whatever they can find in its proper place, 10 minutes to dust all surfaces, 10 minutes to throw trash away.

Nicol said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out! The most important things with routines is do what works for you. I know my routine is a little extream for some, but it is what works for me. I simply have to vacuum daily when I have three cats and a dog.

Plus, by simply staying on top of everything, it really only takes me an hour to do everything. Deep cleaning in on the back burner until we sell our house though.