Saturday, September 13, 2008


Last Wednesday for Mutual Teeny Bopper made the cutest, easiest purses. Of course, I had to tag along and make one too. :) They were easy enough that my friend who has never sewed in her life was able to make one. She was so proud! Since then, Teeny Bopper has made 2 more purses for two of her friends. She's turning out to be quite the seamstress!

Here are our purses. The light blue one is mine, and the black one is Teeny Bopper's. She just made the pink one for a friend's birthday gift, and she made a black one that matches hers for another friend.

Focus. Concentrate. Oh yeah, I'm good.


*Katie May* said...

Super cutE!

Christine said...

Very cute! I'm sure my MiaMaids would love those. Where can I get that pattern??? Share, please!

Supercool Hotmama said...

That's so AWESOME!!! How awesome!?! SOOOO Awesome! Go Teeny Bopper!!! That's what we want to see! Use those skills!

Christine: It's So Easy, Simplicity 5151. Don't follow their cutting directions or you'll waste a ton of fabric. (1 yard makes 1 bag with matching lining, or 1 yard of two different fabrics, makes 2 bags with contrasting lining.)