Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We were on TV!!!

Apparently during the Governor of Hawaii's speech tonite, DH and I were shown on TV!! Cool. He doesn't usually get to sit by me, but he came up to my seat in the nosebleed section to visit me and they showed us. I hope someone I know taped it so I can see... :)

WOW. What a great session today!! Sarah Palin was fabulous!! I thought Giuliani and Palin definitely were the best speakers of the night. That Governor of Hawaii was really good, too.

Yesterday we went to the Mall of America. It is HUGE! Pretty much any store you've ever seen or heard of is in there. Along with an amusement park, aquarium, goofy golf course and more. It was fun to walk around. I took some pictures at the aquarium (they have a shark exhibit right now) and the Lego store. This biker dude is really made out of Legos! It was so awesome. They had all kinds of things made of Legos and the whole store was really cool. You can buy legos buy the piece or in all kinds of kits.

We also got to ride on a paddle/river boat today. They welcomed us with a Dixieland band and dancing elephant. It is so beautiful here. Super green and cool. I bet in another month or two it will be amazing with all the leaves turning autumn colors. I wouldn't want to be here in the winter, though. They say it's freezing and I can do without that.

Oh-have I mentioned the security here? At all times there are police, SWAT, and soldiers looking after us. The manholes in the area are all securely welded shut (yes, we have looked at most all the manholes just to check). There have been some nasty protests (mostly by nasty Ron Paul supporters.) An 80 year old guy was attacked yesterday (talk about courageous. Let's pick on the elderly. Puh-leeze!!!). Someone protestors threw some chemical irritant and it got his eyes and stained his clothes. Sad! We have to show our ID's and wear our credentials around our necks all the time. I'm glad they are on the ball. I don't want any accidents either!

Tomorrow is the last day, then Friday it is home for us! Woohoo! It will be fun to get home to the fam. Love you kids!!


SuperCoolMom said...

That is totally awesome! We were having a cool activity at Walmart during the speeches, but DH watched every minute! I came home to read the reviews.

Love the paddlewheel pic! Nice photo! So neat to be on t.v. and seeing History being made!

*Katie May* said...

Everytime I flip through the channels I look for you guys but haven't seen you. But that's cool that they got you on. Glad you going and enjoying all the sites :) Glad the security is tight :)

Melinda said...

Way Cool...hey it has been fun seeing your mom at the school. I asked the kids if they miss you and they said "no, they call us every night". I asked if they were being good and they smiled big and said "yes". What a fun get away for you two. Enjoy your last day!

Christine said...

You are right, it is green and beautiful! The winters aren't really all that bad, honestly. I lived through three. Enjoy your last night there.

Nik said...

This whole thing sounds like such a blast (other than the nasty protesters, of course). How could I get in on some RNC action? You must share, Salsa!