Monday, September 1, 2008

Convention fun

Well, a few things have changed here in MN. Hurricane Gustav has majorly affected our speaking agenda and the length of our meetings. I am glad that our leaders are concerned and as John McCain has said, It's time to take off our "Republican" hats and put on our "American" hats. I am still hoping that Laura Bush will be speaking to us today, though. I love her.

Another thing that is aggravating about the storm is the media coverage. You can still here all kinds of things about the Democratic convention, but any news of us Republicans??? Noooooo. All we hear about is the storm. Luckily it has been downgraded to a level 2. I believe it is hitting land as I am writing this. We are hoping for the best for all families that will be affected. I HATE how liberal the media is. I was reading an article about Sarah Palin yesterday. (we are soooooooooo happy about her, btw. She has put us into the enthusiastic McCain supporter group.) Anyway, the newspaper said we need to know more about Palin, information like; Does she believe in evolution? Or something "exotic, like creationism"??? HELLO! Exotic? Yeah, that is a real exotic thing to believe in. grrrrrrrrrr

Well, here is a picture of us at a fun event last night. They had different dioramas to take pictures in front of, shopping for souvenirs, displays and tasty food. DH was so cute when we walked in and he saw this huge historical flag display. He started going, "Ooh! Ooh!" and pulling me in that direction. He couldn't even speak to tell me what we were going to look at. He just said "Can you see that? See that?" As soon as I saw what we were going to look at, I laughed. It was a very impressive display, though.

Here I am in the oval office with the new president. He's cute, huh?

This is us exiting Air Force One. What a great plane. (don't I wish)

Here is DH next to one of the historical flags.

Well, I think I am due for a nap before our meeting this afternoon. More later! :)


SuperCoolMom said...

Love seeing you in the Oval office! I'm so excited about Palin too! I think the government needs more Real Women in it! Now we can get something done! Nobody knows how to juggle, dictate, enforce, enthuse, excite, and mediate like a "soccer Mom"!

Melinda said...

Wow! It looks like you are having so much fun and you aree just getting started. I was reading last night about Gustavo and the changes that were being made to the convention. Lets hope for the best.

*Katie May* said...

How cool! Looks like you guys are having fun! Cute Pics!! Enjoy yourselves :)