Thursday, October 2, 2008

One more day

We have only one more day with our visiting family. It feels like we have known these people forever. I believe Heavenly Father had a hand in this whole thing. How else could this arrangement be explained? We have seriously bonded with them, and the thought of not seeing them ever again is just not right. I know we will keep in touch somehow. They are not our same race, not our religion, not our culture. But they are so like us in many ways. Completely and totally devoted to their family, for one. They are charming and fun to be with. (did I just compliment myself with that one? heehee) We couldn't ask for more gracious people to have in our home, and they are welcome anytime. They actually may need to come back in 4-6 months for the second surgery if they can't do it in Mexico. I will miss our new good friends, and wish them the best.


Melinda said...

Aww it seemed like it went by fast. That is so neat that your two families were brought together. So nice of you to host them. Good luck to them and their future surgeries.

*Katie May* said...

What a neat experiance for you guys!

Mother Goose said...

how fun! yes although differences may be found the commonalities are much more binding!