Thursday, November 13, 2008

AWESOME Green Bean Casserole Recipe

I was at Trader Joe's last night, and they were giving samples of their green bean casserole. I HAD to get the recipe because it was sooooooooo good! Now, I like a good green bean casserole anyway, but my friend who was with me doesn't, and she even thought this was fabulous. The beans were still a little crisp, nothing soggy, and oh-so flavorful!! I'm posting the recipe here so I don't lose it, and to share it with all of ya'll. (notes written on small paper scraps and used envelopes don't usually last very long with me...)
Now, they used all TJ ingredients, of course. I would just substitute what you have but if possible their stuff is so good that I would get it.

Here it is:
Saute 1 12 oz. pkg. bacon, cut into little pieces (it was a flavored bacon, like smoked something-or-0ther) with about 1 cup diced white onion.
Add 1 (1.5 lb) pkg. frozen green beans (they used their skinny french green beans that I LOVE)
and 1 lb pkg. frozen roasted corn (she said it HAD to be roasted corn, not just regular corn)
Simmer those together for a little bit to heat through, but don't sog the beans.
Then add 1 8 oz. tub of onion and chive cream cheese (you can use Rondele too, same type thing)
Add some chicken broth, just enough to make it creamy (the cream cheese is very thick so you need to add the liquid to make it nice and creamy and saucy)
Sprinkle with fried onions just before serving so they don't get soggy in the mixture.
The sample that I tried had been sitting for a while in the skillet, so the onions weren't very crispy anymore, but it was still great.

YUMMY!!! And pretty easy, too. This recipe serves a good 10 people (according to the sample lady). Or it would serve me on a hungry day for lunch...


Melinda said...

I like green bean casserole too. This puts a wist on it...sounds yummy! Just in time for thanksgiving too!! Thanks for sharing.

Melinda said...

Oops I mean to say twist not wist...sorry.

Carla said...

Wow this sounds great! Thanks for sharing.