Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boutique on Sat!

Hey everybody, I know a lot of you (like me) love a good boutique, so here's one you should definitely plan on coming to. The linky thing is here on my sidebar for the Shop Chic Boutique. It's only this Saturday, from 8 to 4. I will be selling my wooden signs and blocks, and I know Supercoolmom will be there selling her super-hero capes. There will be much, much more.... so come! Come get ideas for your own crafts, and come buy some of mine. (did I just say that?) heehee No really, even if you don't buy any of my crafts it will still be lots of fun. ;)
Speaking of, I need to price everything. That is the part I hate doing. I don't know what to charge for these things!! Any suggestions? Anyone? Beuller?

OK, here's a totally random thing to add to this post. I read this little tip earlier today, and it seems so great I'm going to put it here. On one of the blogs I frequent, this gal mentioned that when her kids get coughs they are really bad, especially at night. I know I can relate to this; probably a lot of us can. She said that when kids get these awful night-time coughs, put Vicks on their feet with socks and let them sleep like that. The Vicks helps keep the cough in check ALL NIGHT. I've always been interested in reflexology and such, and know there are a lot of pressure points in the feet for all over the body, so this seems to make sense. She brought up that point, too. I am SOOOOOO going to try this with our next cough!

Anyway, back on subject, come to the boutique! It'll be fun. See you!


*Katie May* said...

I'll have to try the vicks thing! Marie, Brian's wife is in the boutique too selling baby slings and some other things I think. Wish I could go but I HAVE to get my house all ready for this baby that will be here in a week and a half :S

Christine said...

I loved doing craft shows. It was a lot of work getting ready but I loved doing the shows. They were so fun. As for pricing, the rule of thumb I always heard (in CA and ND) is this - take the cost of your materials and times it by 3. That's how much you should charge. You can always adjust one way or the other if it seems too high or too low. Also, people love "2 for" deals. For example, I sold my I Spy bags for $7 or 2 for $12. Most people bought two. Good luck!

The Hallidays said...

Hey girl, I saw your biker Dh in the Vet's parade and I have been waiting to see pics of that on the blog so I can show my dh how tough yours looked even tho we know he's a teddy bear. Come one where are those pics??

Holly Janeen said...

oh my word!!! i totlly craved easy cheese this pregnancy, too!! and as for emotional roller coasters... i was giving a talk un sacrament this past sunday- and i started crying about FLEAS. thats right- i said fleas! so you just hold your head up high and know that i am right there with ya!!