Monday, November 24, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster--wanna ride?

So, yesterday was an emotional day. Then again, what day isn't for me lately? I cried. I was talking to DH and just started crying! My kids noticed, of course. Sweet G said, "It's ok mom, sometimes I cry when I talk to dad, too, and I don't know why." Then Blondie piped up with, "So it's really dad's fault." (haha!) I told them I didn't really know why I was crying, I just was. The same reason there is a can of Easy Cheese on my bed-side table, but we don't need to go into that one, people. :)
I'll just say, I'm probably going to be crying the whole month of December so if you see me crying, it's ok, I'm fine, it's just the Christmas season getting to me through my amped hormone levels. Yeah, I played through some of the Christmas songs in the Children's Songbook this morning, and couldn't even sing them, I was all choked up! I thought, oh boy, I better get some waterproof eye makeup or I am going to look like one big disaster all month!! It's funny, I'm glad I can laugh at myself, even as I'm crying, and I'll just try to be grateful I don't puke my guts out or anything like that when I'm pregnant. Good times, good times.


Lindsay said...

I am so glad it isn't jsut me crying over nothing.

Yesterday Jocelyn came home from church and told me all the things she learned from her teacher in primary. I have never heard her go on like that after church before. You teach in a way she hears. THank You!

Anonymous said...

Ya, I had the same thing yesterday.

Sadly, I did it at church so people were all freaked out. I told them I was fine but I don't think anyone believe me.

You guys would believe me though, right?

Carla said...

Roll with it baby! I cry all the time, and I'm NOT pregnant:). I'm glad you don't get sick, so enjoy the easy cheese, and cry your heart out! You only get to do this once:)

Happy Thanksgiving:)

Anonymous said...

it's me girly (Wendy), I just don't have an account....and couldn't resist blamin gPablo....tell us the truth...what did he do? oh, I know! he gave you a vacuum cleaner for Christmas!!!! LOL!

oh, and I'm a big baby...I cry a lot too.... no need to be pregnant for that :)

easy cheese? good!!! better than McDonalds (was my constant craving when expecting lil' boy)

Happy Thanksgiving girl!!!!!!

Melinda said...

I am sorry Sally, I will hug you when I see youthis month! I love G's comment about Paul-Funny!

Keeper of Banners said...

Great! Now the whole world knows how bad I abuse my wife and kids. You are sooo gonna catch it when I get home this afternoon!!! ;-)

Holly Janeen said...

i dont know how or why i just left a comment on the wrong entry... so, be sure and read my comment on your LAST entry... even though it goes with this one :)