Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toasters and other things

Here are a few things I've learned lately:

1. Keep the toaster unplugged. It's a great energy saver but is especially important when you have little boys who like to stick knives into them. They make BIG sparks and melt the tip of your knives. The little boys think it's pretty neat and say things like, "Oh... Fire!"

2. Re-arranging your furniture makes things feel new.

3. Good wood is meant to be painted. (an upcoming post will show my latest project!) Don't listen to people who think you should only paint cheap garbage. Let's repeat together, "Paint is my friend".

4. Crying is therapeutic. Did you know there are hormones in tears? So having a good cry helps even out those hormones. (C told me that. I believe her, don't you?) Makes sense to me.

5. The world is full of good people who are just looking to help others. I am so blessed to be surrounded with these people. They get me through tough times! I want to be a "lifter" too, so that people will feel they are better for having known me.

6. Just CLEANING your room makes it feel big and new. Why don't I do this more often? Oh yeah, I'm too tired. :)

7. Baby stuff takes up a lot of room! How is it that the smallest person in the house takes up the most room and makes the most dirty laundry???


RhondaLue said...

He likes fire huh? He's his daddys boy!!!!!!

Melinda said...

See, ya learn something new everyday!! Cool.

Carla said...

lol! Laughing WITH you not AT you:)