Monday, April 27, 2009

Nesting feels good

I was able to take a few minutes today to do something that has been really bugging me lately. What is that? Clean under my refrigerator, of course! Ahhhhh. It really does feel great. My macho hubby came home for lunch so I took use of his brute strength and had him move the frig for me. Wow--it was soooo dusty back there. I swept the wall, back of the frig, and the floor and then mopped it all. It didn't take very long--maybe 10 minutes--and gives me great peace of mind for some reason. My whole house feels cleaner. Weird!! Mopping the floors makes the place feel good, too. OK, it was a very dirty floor. I sweep at least once a day (usually more in the kitchen) but it's nice to get all the dirty spots off.
I've been a lazy blogger lately, but have been doing other "nesting". There are only 25 days until baby, you know!! AAAAAHHHH! I've gotten the baby clothes all out and it's very inspiring to see those cute, tiny little things! Lots of things Dr. D could never wear because he kind of skipped that very tiny stage. It all gets me to wondering about this new baby. How big will he be? Who will he look like? Will he be fussy or calm? So much to wonder and think about. How will his big brother like him? How will his big brother feel about not being the baby anymore? I'm glad that all the kids will be home for the summer so they can keep each other (especially keep Dr. D) entertained and happy. And help with the chores. bwahahahaha I really like that part. :)
On that note, I'd like to acknowledge how blessed I feel in the child department. My girls rarely complain about doing their chores and jobs around the house. I get comments all the time from people who notice how cheerfully they help me and shoulder their responsibilities. I know they read my blog, so I want them to know how much I love and appreciate them. You are AWESOME kids!! They don't even complain when I have to ask them to pick up everything that's on the floor, since bending over isn't my forte anymore, at least for the time being.
Well, off to nest some more. I need to get all the baby blankets out. Then wash them all with the clothes. Then locate the baby monitor. Then clean up the car seat. Etc, etc.


*Katie May* said...

ahhh nesting I wish it stayed then I would always have a clean house :)

Melinda said...

I did my fridge last month..yuck! But it is one of those jobs you are happy to get over.

I am so excited for you and your family. What a neat blessing coming your way.

Take it easy.

Kyle and Sarah said...

Sally, you are such a sweet mom! Glad to hear that under your fridge is nice clean! I need to do under mine. Can't wait to see some pics of your new babe! Good luck with the last remaining days!!

marie said...

Nesting is so funny! I hope the next 25 days go well for you!

thefreezerqueen said...

I can't wait to try your strawberry jam recipe and your soap. If only I knew someone who would help me out on the soapmaking.