Monday, May 4, 2009

Things pregnant women DON'T want to hear

Just to remind myself, in case in the future I forget all my manners and want to say any of these things to a pregnant woman, I am putting them here so I will remember NOT to say them!

1. Are you SURE you're not having twins????? -for anywhere, anytime
2. You're still HERE????? -really great at places like church
3. You can't do THAT, you're too pregnant!!! -about simple, everyday things; I mean, who else is going to do it?!?!?!
4. You look exhausted/terrible/miserable/any other negative adjective inserted here!!!! -especially nice to hear when I am feeling just fine!

*Just have to add that a lovely cousin of mine told me how great I looked last night. Now, that there's a smart woman!! ;) Thanks for making me feel so good cous!

So, does anyone have something to add here? What do YOU hate to hear when you are huge and pregnant?


*Katie May* said...

mine is the you're still here!?!?! Because I always go late and am already grumpy about it. Or when I get people that never call me but call to see if I had the baby yet, when I have already told them numerous times I would call from the hospital! :)

Melinda said...

I say things like that in kidding sometimes but I am glad I didnt last night. You did look Great! I am glad you are feeling well. You are at the countdown and I am so excited for you.

P.S. Your spinach salad was yummy! Thanks for coming!

Christine said...

I get the twins or triplets question all the time - especially since my babies are a week and a half early and are still 11 pounds. I hate that - no clothes fit, etc. Anyway, right now I hear "When are you due?" and I'm not even pregnant - just fat. Good luck.

Stephanie said...

I can totally relate! Yes, I heard the "you're still here?" comment at church too. I almost didn't want to go. But I saw you and just thought you looked cute. Thank goodness for the nesting...a good thing about being pregnant.

wendy said...

I think I've already told you my very "favorite" one....that one is more gender related... the "now you guys are done since you got your little boy"! ARGH!!! or yeah, the "when is this baby going to come, you must be so done!" (and I am actually feeling great and enjoying being pregnant). Sometimes we all need to watch our mouths :)