Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here he is!

Here is our newest arrival

Weighing in at 7 lbs 14 ounces, 20 inches long
Reddish hair, beautiful bouncing (tiny) baby boy.

Daddy all in scrubs ready to go.

Baby Bean's arrival into this world

Here's the short of it:
We checked into the hospital for our planned C-section and everything went very smoothly during check-in. Even the I.V. went in well, which was great. (my veins are not great with needles for some reason) Everyone who helped me-all the nurses, anesthesiologist, etc.- were super nice and I felt in good hands. I wasn't nearly as anxious as I thought I would be throughout the whole thing. I think the entire surgery only took around 45 min or so. Turns out he was footling breech, so a good thing we were doing a section anyway. Everything was fine with the baby--he came out and began sucking his fingers early on. I took that as a sign he would be a good nurser. Turns out to be true! He is a great nurser, latching on well from the start.
The post partum nurses were also very nice. I had a couple that I had with Dr. D! Also a good friend from high school is now a nurse and she happened to be working one night I was there, so we were able to visit. They took good care of us, not being too invasive and leaving us alone most of the time. My uterus didn't want to contract back down to size so I had a lot of bleeding going on for a while. They set aside two units of blood for me, but thankfully I didn't end up needing them. Just a lot of medication to contract the uterus down and I guess it finally worked.
My stay was made all the better by my awesomely awesome DH, who supported me and stayed by my side everyday. He is such a great dad--I LOVE seeing how much he adores his babies. The nights were made survivable by Naunee, who came and stayed with me EVERY single night, all night. Talk about a bff going above and beyond!!! She even rubbed my feet with fennel essential oil, which is supposed to make muscles contract better and help milk come in. I think it worked, because my milk came in after two days, which is the best is has ever done with me! I can never thank my DH and Naunee enough for those few days of help.
So, here I am at home (yay!!!) and we are getting along very nicely with my wonderful mother-in-law staying here to help for the week. She is taking care of everything so I am just resting, being lazy, moving around slowly, and taking care of baby bean.

Brothers meet for the first time!

We sure love this little guy! I thank Heavenly Father constantly for such a beautiful family and that everything went so well.


Melinda said...

Can't wait to see the little guy! I wanted to give you some time to settle in before coming by but I have been dying too! Lincoln looks so cute holding his wittle brother! I am so happy for your family. Hurray for your good husband and Great Friend!

*Katie May* said...

yeah! congrats! Glad everything went pretty smooth. He is a doll and looks like he belongs in the family looks like your others :) email me with his name I want to tell Brendan and fam.

Karli said...

Congrats Sally! But can I just tell you that I'm DYING to know his name?! If you're up to it you could email me... or I could just call you... Ahh! He's a handsome little man

Lorie said...

He is so so cute! Can't wait to meet him.

Stephanie said...

Congrats Sally! What a sweet baby. I'm glad everything went so sounds like you have a lot of good support! Take all the rest you can get!

Reeds said...

Congrats to you all! What a sweet little baby. I am glad everything went well.