Thursday, August 13, 2009

First day follies

So, the first day of school went very well. The kids all had a great day and everything went off without a hitch. Oh yeah--except that my youngest daughter, Little Miss, got LOST AFTER SCHOOL! About the time I was thinking the kids should be home, (carpool was picking up) I got a call from her teacher asking if I had Little Miss. She said her sisters were there with her but they couldn't find Little Miss. I said she probably went with her good friend who was in the class next door and was most likely waiting for pickup at the table we always meet at. So her teacher goes with her sisters to check the table...and no Little Miss. Everyone else in the car pool was there except her. So she tells me not to get alarmed, that they will all look for her and keep me posted. I called DH and he headed over to the school to help look for her if necessary.
I also called my carpool buddy and she said they hadn't found her yet and she was helping to look, too. Then DH got there and he called me and said at least I had taken a picture of her that morning in case we needed to print it out for the police or whatever. At that point I lost it. Up to then I was just praying and trying not to panic, but when he said that... I couldn't help myself.
A couple of minutes later he called back to say they had located her on a bus. I signed up my kids for the bus route just in case we ever needed to ride it. They passed out stickers to all the kindergartners who were on the bus list and so when school got out they saw her bus sticker and put her on the bus. Luckily, she was never scared. You know how little kids are-it was just a fun adventure. She got to ride the bus! Cool! Well, when her teacher found out they had located her she had a melt down (she's a sweet lady) and our friend who is a teacher at the school (who had missed her faculty meeting to help look for Little Miss-thank you!!!) were as relieved as we were that she was found and ok. The bus brought her back to school and DH brought her home.
So, that's our first day adventure. I think today should be a little less exciting. :)


RhondaLue said...

Oh no! I'm so glad all is well and that it was just a mishap!

We had a missing kid/bus mishap too, but it was when Ben was in Kindy. He was all dressed up for his Xmas program with reindeer antlers on, etc. Well I went for the program and part of the pary but had to get home to put Ricky on the bus so I figured Ben could ride the bus home like usual and it'd be better for my time crunch. Only he never came. I called the school and they repeatedly told me that with all the parties busses would prob. run late. Well I finally called sort of freaking out and they started looking. I went back to the school and the teacher swore she put him directly on the bus. They called all the busdrivers and nobody had him. I'm thinking his male busdriver stole him and was doing unspeakable things! Finally they call the driver again and he said no, he doesn't have Ben but another kid whose mother never showed up at the stop. They told him to ask the kid what his name was and the kid said, "Ben!" Apparently he looked like this other boy all dressed up and his head covered with those antlers. scariest day of my life (next to all his near death experiences)

RhondaLue said...

Oh and Ben had repeatedly told the driver...this isn't by my house. But the driver kept waiting, reading his book-ignoring him. We had quite the apologies after that. UGH!

Lorie said...

When she got in the car this morning I asked her what she was going to do if they tried to put her on the bus again and she said "I will say NO!"

Melinda said...

Aww poor girl! I mean poor mom. WOW I hope she has a great year!! Remember I am right here byt he school if you ever need help.

*Katie May* said...

oh wow! Crazy! I am soo glad all went well!