Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kids say...

Just jotting down a few funny things my kids are saying at their tender ages. teehee

Dr. D calls Lightening McQueen "Lightening of the King".
Little Miss pronounces annoying "annoring".
Sweet G was telling a bedtime story last night and told Dr. D to choose a color for his horse. He picked black and named it "Shebita".
Teeny Bopper makes up Secret Agent bedtime stories for the kids and Dr. D remembered one of the evil characters from a while ago, named "Dark Nightus". One of the newer bad guys is "Pillow Fightun".
Upon waking up from his nap the other day, Dr. D woke up saying, "Who took my crackers?" That was pretty funny.

I hate forgetting these funny little things. Now, I won't forget. :)

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Melinda said...

So cute! Very good of you to write it down Sally. so much we forget about as time moves on! You are so with it! Will miss you all for Turkey Day! Have Fun!