Monday, November 23, 2009

What up, kid?

OK, not sure what Dr. D had in his corn flakes this morning, but he was full of it today! The kids were all playing out front and I look over to see him drop his pants and pee in the neighbor's cactus. (sorry, Debe!) Then a while later I was in the kitchen and I hear the baby giggling in the family room. He was laying on the floor playing so I went to see what was so funny and Dr. D was full-on STANDING ON TOP OF HIM! What the baby thought was so funny I don't know. Maybe his feet were tickling his ribs? I yelled, Dr. D quickly got off and I explained that he could break his bones by doing that. He didn't get it, and thought that because Tailgunner liked it, it must be ok. Ay-yay-yay.


RhondaLue said...


as for him peeing on stuff, it's a boy thing. get ready for lots more of that!

Melinda said...

How can you get upset at such a cute little guy! That is too funny though. I would love for him to coem hang out with my preschoolers if you ever want a break. You could drop him in the morning when you take the girls to school. He would love playing here.