Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Gratitude

For Family Home Evening we a few things we were thankful for on paper leaves with the intentions of making a cute "thankful tree". Well, at least we did the leaves! :) I never actually got to the tree part. I think posting it on here will last longer anyway, so here's what our family is thankful for this year~
Daddy: I am thankful for my kids, the Atonement, my mission, a/c and indoor plumbing, my family heritage, motorcycles, my US citizenship, my wife.
Mom: my home, good music, family night, my husband and kids (being a mom), playing games with my family.
Teeny Bopper: my blog, my friends, my glasses, my ipod (albeit the fact that I don't have one yet).
Sweet G: all animals, the Atonement, my violin, flowers, the Prophet, an education.
Blondie: my parents, my home, the army, my friends, my bed.
Little Miss: "my famley", mom and dad, (a few other things we can't read or remember what it is supposed to say).
Dr. D: robots, cars, ice cream, fish and crabs, books.

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