Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a funny kid

I should count how many times a day I say "What a funny kid!" about my son, Dr. D. Lunch just now is a good example. I fix a delicious chicken burrito and put it on his plate. It's cut in half, so he can see the insides. Not always a good thing for kids to see the inside, but whatever. He comes whining to me saying he doesn't want that burrito. He wants cereal. I tell him we are having burritos, and that it is so delicious. It even has chicken! He loves chicken, right, so that should be a winner. He goes and takes another look, then comes back whining that there are red things in it. What are those red things in there, he asks? I ignore the question and tell him to just eat the yummy burrito. He comes back whining and says, "But mom, boys just like cereal!" I tell him to go try the burrito. He goes off whining and then comes back a little later with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. He tells me, "Mom, it tastes very good!! NOW can I have my cereal?"

What a funny kid!!!

BTW, since he ate the burrito all gone, I gave him some cereal. :)


RhondaLue said...

he IS a funny kid!

And to answer your question on my post:

Her name is Jennifer Kuhn. She's really talented! I'm a fan of her FB page if you wanted to ever look her up! I have some more really great sister pics I'll post soon. To die for CUTE!

Jen said...

What a funny kid, Hee Hee :)