Friday, June 25, 2010

Budgeting for meals

OK, so our food budget is dropping to about $100 per week. This is food only, no paper goods or diapers included (thank goodness, we've done it that way and it's TOUGH). I figured rather than be too upset about it, I will try to make this a challenge for however long we have to do this. I thought I'd post recipes and things that work or don't work here. I would LOVE any comments/hints/tips/tricks, etc. that anyone has to offer. I do follow the blog Grocery Cart Challenge, and it has some good ideas.
I think some serious organization will be key. I will need to have a menu planned, and take stock of what I have to use in my cooking. (I foresee cleaning out my pantry in the near future...ugh) My goals are to have healthy meals and snacks, stay in budget (no choice there anyway), and have a positive attitude. I also have to send a lunch with DH every day to work. I also plan to make our bread, so that should help too.
We mostly do oatmeal for breakfast, or pancakes or eggs, which are all cheap. Lunch I need to work on planning better to make sure we have food and aren't just eating popcorn and such. (not like we've been doing THAT this summer...) :)
I started out having a brainstorm session for our family's favorite cheap meals. Here are some we came up with:
spaghetti or other pasta with marinara
southwest chicken Caesar salad YUM!
homemade chicken soup
taco soup
breakfast for dinner
beans and brown rice bowls
homemade pizza
meat on sale cooked in crockpot served with brown rice
shepherd's pie
grilled cheese and tomato soup

Anyway, that is where I am going to start. Luckily DH works near the Superstition Ranch market, where the produce is sooooo cheap. So I can swing by there when I drop him off in the mornings. A few things I will get at Sam's and most other things at Fry's because I love their sales.

So....look out for upcoming posts on feeding our family of 8 for $100/week!! ...wish me luck!


Jen said...

Good luck, because I so want inspiration.

Karli said...

That is quite the endeavor. Have you heard of the Alpine Valley Bread store? (Southern west of Country Club on the North side). You can get their yummy bread that is about to expire for just 50 cents a loaf! We go and stock up because it freezes really well. They also have other items frequently for 50 cents... bread bowls, rolls, hamburger buns, sub rolls, etc.

robyn said...

Hi my cousin! my sister Christine got me hooked on coupons and I'm saving loads of money. There are websites that tell you what's on sale along with the coupon matchups. I think the one for your area is
that's this weeks deals, and I think your area doubles coupons. You are so lucky!!! Couponing is totally worth it, and you can do it!