Saturday, June 26, 2010

Food blog

Here is the link to a blog I came across today, called Budget Bytes. I haven't had a chance to look in depth but I did see some tasty looking recipes.

I also thought I'd post how we do one of our favorite breakfasts, oatmeal.
Since a couple of the kids don't like oatmeal, and I am never sure how many people have time to eat, I have stopped making an entire pot of oatmeal, only to see half of it eaten. And let's face it, re-heated oatmeal isn't the best. So we now make one bowl at a time. (thanks Tosca Reno from Clean Eating for this idea)
Just put 1/2 cup dry regular oats in a bowl. (not quick oats)
Add 1 cup boiling water.
Let it sit for about 5 minutes, and DONE!
Now the good parts. We add maple syrup (REAL, not that corn syrup junk).
Walnuts, craisins, cinnamon (I LOVE cinnamon, I use a lot.) And come to find out, cinnamon is a fat burner, so bring-it-on. Oh, and a dash of salt and some butter. (again, REAL butter, not yucky margarine, and make sure the ingredients are either just cream or cream and salt. No added extra shtuff in there.)
If you don't want butter or don't have it, grapeseed oil is good too. But not as good as butter. Just sayin'. :)
That's how we do oatmeal. I have to say, it's SO good, that I frequently want it instead of dessert. It's so satisfying, healthy, and tasty!

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