Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Fabulous Fourth

This post contains lots of pictures, be warned! :)
We started out the day early at our ward's celebration breakfast. We ate yummy food, listened to DH share some stories about our country and the flags, and the kids paraded around the parking lot on their bikes and scooters. It was fun, but here are a few suggestions for next year (cuz I'll forget if I don't write them down): Have the parade FIRST, and put out some orange cones so the kids know where to ride. Have loud patriotic music to ride to. Then come in for breakfast. Have the flags set up as a display, but no presentation necessary. Too many little kids. Instead, have 2 good patriotic musical numbers. That's my opinion. ;) Later in the day, we went to the Freedom Celebration in downtown Mesa. It was busy and fun!! Of course we went in our matching flag t-shirts, per tradition. It was a bit hot, and lots of walking, but we had a good time. The only thing that would have made it better is if my Teeny Bopper was with us!! (she is camping with a friend and we MISS her!! She misses us too. That's a good sign, right?)

DH set up his flag display and gave presentations all evening.

There was water sliding.

There was someone who was too scared to slide so came back down the ladder.

There was hanging out in the stroller.
There was a photo op with lots of ammo involved.
There was rock climbing.

There was face painting.

There was a memorial walk, with photos of all the soldiers from AZ that have been killed in the war thus far. Here we are with Jake.

Then there was the watching of fireworks. When Tail Gunner caught sight of the fireworks, he looked up, smiled, and gave a little clap. It was so cute!

This is the closest we have ever been to a fireworks show. Well, except for once in Taylor. It was pretty great! And luckily I read this article about how to take better fireworks pictures.
It changed my pictures from this: (pathetic, I know. I was trying to figure out my settings)

To this: (ooh, ahh! :) The lines are wavy because I didn't have a tripod with me.

Happy Independence Day!!!


Jen said...

That totally was Fabulous!

Melinda said...

Looks like Fun! It is great that Paul has so much knowledge about allt he different flags and coutnry. You pics are great by the way.

RhondaLue said...

We went too...The kids had a great time and the fireworks were awesome! We caught some of Pauls presentation but not all of it because we wanted to catch the Miracle of America inside the Mesa Arts Center too. No worries, Ash was loud so Jed got to take her out and see the rest. :)