Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hunting Season

Here's my husband, Big White Hunter:
(it's a family thing.  this is cousin T in training) :)

He goes out and slays the winged beast (otherwise known as the bird of peace, or dove) so we don't starve. hehehe  When he brings home the kill, the younger girls like to help prepare the birds.  (the older ones go out and help him shoot them.  it's good bonding time :)   
Blondie got really into it.  They have to pluck them, then take the breast meat off:

Little Miss tried popping the head, but she couldn't get it to come off:

Here's our dinner that night; dove, salad and mashed potatoes. 

We prepared them two different ways to see which was better.  The first was lightly breaded and sauteed then served with gravy.  The second was wrapped in bacon and sauteed.  The bacon won out, surprise surprise!  :)  Thanks for dinner, honey!


Jen said...

I have to be honest, I think i'm going to be a little sick.
Who knew you could eat dove.
I think i would try it if you just told me it was chicken:)

Love the bonding that took place though :)

Salsa Mama said...

LOL Sorry, Jen!! I know, it's kind of a weird thought. Just to let you know, it doesn't taste like chicken. If it isn't cooked right, it's not very good. It is very lean, not much fat at all to make it tasty. I think that's why the bacon made it good, all that fat helped it. :)