Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spooky Supper costumes

Well, I slacked on taking pictures of the food this year, but our annual Spooky Supper was fantastic!!  (as usual)

There was great food, fun games, and wonderful company to be had.  This is the only food picture I took:

Waxy Q Tips.  (marshmallows with peanut butter on sucker sticks.)  I also took Loaded Diaper Dip, but didn't snap a photo of that one.  (it's my old stand by anyway, probably a picture on this blog somewhere already)
Here are the kids in their costumes:
Bat Girl-


"Dead Bob"-


I got some yellow felt and made the Bat Girl costume out of black clothes we already had.  We got the mask at JoAnn's, 50% off, and I made the cape out of some black fabric I already had.  The witch we already had everything for, and we found the skeleton and pumpkin costumes at Goodwill on half-off day!!  Score!  We probably spent 10 bucks for everyone's costumes.  Oh, make that 15 bucks because I did buy an orange shirt and brown tights to go under the pumpkin costume.  I'm still ok with that.  :)


Jen said...

The Q-tips are hilarious & disgusting. Ha Ha!
Love all the costumes!

Melinda said...

Everyone looks great. Spooky Supper....What a fun tradition.