Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am way behind on my blog posting because we got a virus on our old computer that we just couldn't fix.  So, luckily we had this other computer sitting around that is a bit of an upgrade for us (thank you, Naunee!) and just got around to hooking it up.  Then I couldn't find the camera download cord, you know how that goes.
I have tons of Halloween pictures to share, so beware, this post contains mucho pictures!!  :)

First, we have our little Clown and Cowgirl:

A special visitor from Kansas; Dorothy-

Little Goth Girl, (I wonder where she gets this?)  and her big sister:

And just in case we need some last minute insurance, we have our good friend, Flo:

 Just for fun, we'll throw in a hairy little baby:

For our Halloween dinner, we had "Monster Mash" (an idea I took from a cousin's blog-so cute!) and brain jello.  We also had some "Cemetery Lawn" (salad) to go with it. 

 Super fun!  The kids loved it all.
For the monster mash:  you have to make the meatloaf to take up the whole pan, like this, and then put the mashed potatoes on top after it's cooked.  The fingernails are onion pieces.  I put some BBQ sauce on the "hand" part for extra yumminess, and it looked cool, too.

Some pictures of our Jack-o-lanterns:

Teeny Bopper did a little pumpkin family instead of carving a big one. 

I think that does it for Halloween pictures!!  Until next year...


Rachel said...

Very cute! What kind of camera do you use? Your pics always look very good!

*Katie May* said...

Love the pics. All the kids look great :)

Jen said...

Wow! that was a lot of pics.
LOVE all the costumes & awesome Halloween meals:)