Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

My sweetie pie and I have just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary!!!  I still think he's a burning hunk of Who, and he still thinks I'm as sweet as cherry pie, so I think we are on the right track!  ;)
Here we are celebrating our special day.   We went out shooting some clay pigeons.  I actually hit a few! (he hit about as many as I missed, which is a LOT.) 

Funny story:
For mutual on Wednesday night, Sweet G had a cake decorating lesson.  She made us this wonderful cake:

Well, luckily I took a picture of it Wednesday night, because on Thursday morning it was gone.  Yep, gone. I had left it on the counter overnight, and went to check it in the morning and couldn't find it anywhere.  Sweet G got up, and I asked her about it and neither of us knew where it could be.  I figured it got thrown out or something, because we had just decided to go off of sugar.  So, we kind of forgot about it...until Friday.  Little Miss lost something in her room and decided to look under the crib, and she found...the CAKE!  Dr. Destructo admitted to having taken the cake and he hid it under the crib.  There were little finger marks all over it.  I guess he figured he needed to get his sugar in somehow!  LOL   What a turkey!!  That solved the case of the missing cake...
My mom gave us this vintage card-

It's so cool!  I love old stuff like this.

I look forward to many more happy anniversaries with my DH.  Love you, honey!!!

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Jen said...

You guys are just too cute!
Happy Anniversary!!! :)