Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall touches around the house

Here is some of the Fall decor I've put up.  It's the only "Fall" thing around here in AZ.  No leaves turning color; the weather is starting to cool off, but some days it shoots back up into the low 90's!  What is that all about?  Anyway, a little decorating helps get in the Fall mood, even if not much has changed outdoors.

The top of the TV armoire has some little zebra pumpkins on candlesticks.  The stripes start out green and they slowly turn orange as the pumpkins ripen.  I LOVE them!!

Here is my mantle sporting the fabric pumpkins I made a couple years ago.

What have you done to bring Fall to your house?


Jen said...

I love all your pieces around the house!!!!!

Melinda said...

Cute Cute cute like always Sally. I got a new kitchen table so I treated myself to new fall placemats! Thats about it! I am going straight for Christmas decor in another week...LOL