Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our new house!!

 Most of our family and friends know we are moving.  Here are some pictures of the home we are going to be renting.  We can't believe our good fortune in finding this house.  It is the house that belongs to the parents of our good friend.  Our new landlords are beyond awesome!  What a blessing to have found them and this house.  

Below is the front of the house.  Sweet G is giving the basketball hoop a spin.  Score!

This is our front porch area. 

 A bad picture of the kitchen.  The sunlight is coming in so that we can't see the sink area to the left.
  All of these pics were taken with my phone, so they are ok considering that.

 This is the laundry room.

The dining area:

Living room:

Front room:

This is going to be Blondie and Little miss' room.  We are going to paint it an aqua blue.  The mirrored closet doors are huge!  We should install a bar so they can do some ballet in there...

 The little boys room.  It even has a baseball hanging on the fan chain, so Dr. D is thrilled!  He wants a red curtain.  Good taste, that boy!  :)  The closets are all really good size.

 The older girls room.  They decided to paint it purple.  It has a window seat and a cool shelf running around the top of the room.

 The master bedroom. 
 The sinks in the master bath.  Both bathrooms have 2 sinks.  Heaven!!

 This is the tub in the master bath.  It looks awesome, doesn't it?

There you have it!  It feels so big empty, and I know our stuff will make it seem so much smaller but I can't wait to move in and decorate!!  :)


*Katie May* said...

I love it!! I know you guys will love it!

Karli said...

I had no idea! Is it still in our stake?

Jen said...

Ooh i love that fun entry way.
Yay for finding the perfect home to rent :) & Yay for decorating again!!!! :)

Salsa Mama said...

Sadly, it's not in our stake. That's the worst part about the move! We love this stake so much. It is in Citrus Heights stake.

House Of P said...

It looks perfect! I can't wait to visit after you've moved in a decorated. Wish I knew when that would be. I think you'll have plenty of time. ;)

House Of P said...

"and" decorated.

Lorie said...

I hope your new home is wonderful!!!