Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the first day of Christmas...

My true friend (we are assuming, though they are anonymous at this time) gave to me...
    a package of cocoa for the family.

Yes, we are being twelve days of Christmased!  I tell you, we canNOT have been welcomed any more warmly in our new neighborhood and ward. 
One day while we were unloading a trailer full of stuff into the garage we were caroled to by two different families (who also brought cookies, oh yeah!).  Then when we got home to our other house a neighbor brought by a tin of delicious cookies.  We are so spoiled! 
Another day last week we were unloading yet another load into the garage (let's hear it for the garage!), someone in our new ward brought by leftover dinner from the ward party!  Several friends and neighbors (from the old neighborhood) brought dinner the week of our move, which made life a BAJILLION times easier on us.  I must remember to take dinner to friends when they move.  That made such a huge difference to me not to have to cook or worry about feeding my family.
I can't forget to mention how much my mother and father in law helped with the packing.  And my sister in law Lisa.  They took so much of the burden from me when I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck.
Then, on our moving day, I just had to call a few friends and they came right over to help us move.  And when we got to the new house, there were about 8 more people waiting here to help us unload!! 
Thank you, THANK you to everyone who came to our rescue this week.   I love my friends, neighbors, and family so much!! You are the best of the best!

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