Sunday, December 19, 2010

Too funny, Grandpa!

OK, so I am behind in what is going on around here.  Basically, we moved, are still in a bit of chaos, had to decorate for Christmas anyway, etc...  Mom, Dad and Grandpa (on DH's side) stayed with us last night on their way up to Utah.

So, Grandpa was getting all dressed and ready this morning.  You know, adhering dentures, combing hair, smelling good.  I was standing right by him and saw him pull something out of his pocket, and rub something blue all over his lips.  It was in a tube like chapstick, which apparently he thought it was.  My thoughts were going between "maybe the blue chapstick dries clear" and "that tube doesn't look right for a tube of chapstick" and "surely he wouldn't be rubbing glue all over his lips, right?".  After a split second of these thoughts in my head, I asked Grandpa to show me the tube he had.  Sure enough, it was a gel glue stick!!
I then had to try not to completely lose it laughing and tell him what he just did.  I said, trying not to laugh too much, "Um, Grandpa?  This is a glue stick, not a chapstick."  He looked at it and said, "Well, I'll be.  No wonder it doesn't taste so good."  Then Mom pipes up and said, "I have been wondering why his mouth was blue back home!  I kept asking him what he ate that was blue, and he said he didn't eat anything blue!  Now it makes sense..."
So, I don't know how long he has been using this glue stick on his lips, but I have a feeling I should have thrown it away so he doesn't use it again!  :)  We LOOOOOOVE Grandpa!!!  He is too fun.  Incidentally, Teeny Bopper and I laughed for about a half and hour straight tonite over this.  Family is the most happy thing on earth, I tell ya.


House Of P said...

Absolutely Hilarious!! I wonder if the flaking glue once it dried caused him to use it more thinking his lips were pealing.

House Of P said...

"peeling" :)