Thursday, January 6, 2011

13 things I love about Sweet G

Yep, another special day.  Teenager number two, come on down!!!  Our Sweet G has officially entered "teen" status.  We love her so, she is a great daughter, sister, and friend.  Have a super day, sweetie!

1.  her sweet smile and laugh-they make me smile!
2.  her softspoken manner (goodness knows we have enough loudness)  :)
3.  her craftiness
4.  her sense of responsibility
5.  her organizing ability
6.  musical talents - I LOVE hearing the piano or violin being played
7.  her willingness to help me whenever I need her
8.  she is a great student
9.  her testimony of the Gospel
10.  she is a good friend
11.  she tries to always be sensitive of my (and others) feelings
12.  she is becoming a great photographer (like her sister)
13.  her love of reading

I sure love this girl!!  She has been a joy to us since the moment she was born (actually before that, even!).  Happy Birthday, Sweet G!!!!


Jen said...

She is such a doll & Oh i LOVE that necklace!
Happy Birthday!

Lorie said...

Tell her I said Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe she is a teenager!!

How is your new house?