Wednesday, January 5, 2011

38 things I love about my DH

Yes, 38 is a significant number today...  :)
Happy Birthday, Honey Bunch!!

1.  those brown eyes
2.  your smile (the nice one and the evil one, hehe)
3.  your laugh (again, the nice one and the evil one)  :)
4.  your love of flags
5.  your displays of flags
6.  your patriotism
7.  soft lips
8.  clean shaven face
9.  being in a class that you are teaching-it's always great
10.  your help with the laundry
11.  the way you play with the kids
12.  your childhood stories
13.  your love of your parents
14.  the love for your brothers and sisters
15.  your love of my kooky family
16.  your photographic memory
17.  the stories you can tell because you remember all the details of everything
18.  the fact that you love to tell us stories
19.  watching you study the scriptures
20.  when you call us together for prayer or scriptures
21.  how you adore music
22.  how you support me in pretty much anything I want or want to do
23.  how you always tell me how much you love me
24.  you always tell me I am beautiful, even/especially when I'm not feeling it
25.  how you have always thought I was radiant in pregnancy and made me feel that way
26.  your willingness to change diapers
27.  how you tell the kids you love them
28.  your open-ness in speaking with the kids about everything
29.  your honesty
30.  that you love to go on dates (with me and the kids)
31.  you on a motorcycle.  sexy.
32.  me behind you on a bike
33.  your hugs
34.  your kisses
35.  your love of reading
36.  your knowledge of spanish
37.  your Mexican roots
38.  your tenderness

Gee, I could go on and on!  I guess I'll save some for next year.  :)  The point is, I LOVE MY HUSBAND so much!   I hope he has the best day today!!