Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pedi Prices

I posted this info on Facebook, but thought I'd better put it here as well.  As of Feb. 1, my pedicure prices are going up.  It will be $15 for a full pedi or $10 for a polish change and designs.  So...if you would like a full pedi for the $10 price, just book it before Feb 1 and even if your appt is after that date, you can get it for 10 bucks! 
Here are a couple of the latest ones:
Classic zebra.  I love this one!  Also looks great on hot pink.

So cute!  But to make it more "valentine-y" we added a heart:

Super cute!

I am also working on my own version of Glitter Toes. It won't be the gel nails, but will be just as sparkly and cute!

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Jen said...

Best pedi's around. I LOVE the zebra! :)