Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine craft

I don't have many Valentines Day decorations out this year, but I have a couple things that I love.  Here is one that Naunee and I made the other day.  I saw something very similar at a friend in my ward's house and HAD to come home and make my own!

We spent 26 cents on the scrap board at Lowe's.
Cut the boards on my loverly power saw.  Fast and easy!  Yes!
Painted the blocks.
Then we spent like 2 hours trying to figure out how to cut the letters correctly on the Silhouette.  Finally figured it out, and it was worth it! (DH was out of town, so we had to pass the time anyway, right?)  :)
Put the letters on and then added a bit of brown to "distress" the edges.
Done!  So cute!
We each made two sets.  Here they are on my TV armoire:

Here is a printable that I found here

I printed it at Costco and framed it in this Goodwill frame.

And my version of this:

Looks like this in my entry way:
(I know the red "v" is missing, I will get another one on there soon)

Which was copied from Pottery Barn:

Bring on Valentine's day!!  :)

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