Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bye Bye, Boy!

I let a little of my heart go to Mexico today.  This little guy, to be exact:

He LOVES his grandpa W, and when grandpa started talking about taking my boy home with him for a little while, we couldn't contain his excitement.  So, after some persuasion, I agreed to let him go have an adventure with gramps.  He could not have been MORE excited!  As soon as grandpa got here this morning, Dr. D grabbed his little bag and RAN out the door.  I had to chase him down for a kiss.  I'm glad he is going, glad he is so happy about it, and I think I am done crying now.  :) 
My good friend said it well this morning as we were talking about kids being away from home.  I am fine with them going to play and having fun other places, but when night comes I want them under my roof.  That is so exactly how I feel.  I like knowing they are safe and snug and close by.  Ah well, they will have a grand time, I'm sure.  (I hope, hehe)  Here's to grandpa's who love their grandkids!
Loading up the car: (obviously we hadn't done our hair yet this morning, lol)

Gramps and Dr. D, so happy together:

My baby, all buckled up:
Bye, Boy!!  I love you!!

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Jen said...

Ugh, that would be a little hard. But oh is he going to have so much fun!