Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mexico-Day 2

The boy having a ride on the cable swing:

Doing what boys do best:

A push in the giant swing by Grandpa:

Yep, he's having a blast!  Watching movies, sleeping in grandpa's bed, riding tractors, riding in the back of grandpa's truck, driving grandpa's truck through the river...  The list goes on!  I wonder why he's not homesick yet...  :)

Uncle D told us this story:  I was on the phone with them this morning and Grandpa kept telling him to eat his breakfast so they could leave. Then your boy says, "Grandpa, you're giving me a bad time." We were cracking up.

We miss that little turkey!!


Jen said...

Hahahaha Love the peeing pic!

ajwhet10 said...

LOL I was just chatting w Grandpa on the phone, when I heard him say, "Wait, lets go to the bathroom." Then he's talking to me saying that he's about to get his bed peed, so we both hang up. But GRANDPA is having a great time too! He couldn't say enough about the fun time they were having, the good memories they were making, etc. So glad this is happening!