Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back from Mexico

Well, I didn't record much about this week by photo or writing, but thoroughly enjoyed every second of it!!  Except for when my little Tail Gunner was sick.  And the fact that DH couldn't go with us.  But other than that it was exactly how I was hoping/knew it would be:  relaxing, enjoyable, sociable, relationship-building, and every other good thing.  SOOO GOOD!!  I didn't even take my camera, but my kids did so I might be able to post some of their pics.

What did I do that was so great?  In a nutshell, we went to Mexico to visit grandma and grandpa.  The kids were great on the drive, YAY!  The weather was perfect, so there was lots of sitting outside on the porch swing watching the kids play and pushing them on swings, etc.  And having them push me on the swings.  :)  Watching the birds glide on the breeze in huge flocks every day.  I LOVED that!  They were buzzards; ugly up close, but large and cool to watch fly.  Had the usual family cookout on the patio and made some new friends.  Went to the Temple.  Visited with cousins, like this one.  Went to the dentist, who was FABULOUS and we will definitely go back to him.  The kids rode horses, DROVE, played in the dirt, in the ditch, on the playground, with their cousins, with the neighbors, petted dogs, made cookies with grandma...  We listened to the kids say the funniest things!

Here is a funny by Little Miss:  "Mom, I thought Jeff was a pretty boy's name, but now I found out it's actually peanut butter.  I'm not going to use that one on my children anymore."  LOL

We enjoyed becoming good friends with a 17 year old boy that is living with gma and gpa.  Ruben's family is paying the (HUGE) tuition for him to go to school at the Academy in town there, and he is staying with DH's parents.  He was so funny and so nice.  Dr. D wanted to bring him home!! They became fast friends.  Frankly, I wouldn't have minded because he is such a good boy.  I wonder if the kids got a picture of Ruben...  I hope so.

I am so proud of driving home by myself.  I feel like a big girl now. :)  Well, gma and gpa got us to the border and then I drove the rest of the way.  Grandpa had Teeny Bopper drive about 90 miles of the way home.  You know she was loving that!  The kids were very good, and great company for me. 

Ahhhh.  That is my sigh of contentment over Spring Break.  It was relaxing and rejuvenating and our family is closer because of it.  Doesn't get much better than that!  ;)

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Melinda said...

You are so lucky! Glad you had fun. I like the young man too. He is so nice! Good Kid