Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a day!

I am feeling good about what I did yesterday.  After standing in the kitchen until 3 pm, pretty much nonstop, here is what I accomplished:

Made 6 loaves or so of bread.  I tried a new recipe and it tastes good, but did not come out beautiful.  I have a hard time making beautiful bread.  It tastes great, good texture and all that, but not lovely.  hmmm  I will keep working at it.

My neighbor friend (a girl I went to high school with, actually!  small world.) was planning to come over and lend me her pressure canner and show me how to can chicken.  (more on food storage to come!)  I wasn't sure when she would get here, so I thought I might as well make the dough for the pizza I had planned to have later this week.  I knew I had to freeze the dough before it rose too much, but my friend showed up just as it was mixing and we had to start the chicken.  Well, the pizza dough rose (hugely!) so by the time the chicken was all in bottles and cooking, I thought I might as well just make the pizzas and have them for dinner.  I didn't get a picture of the pizza before I put it away, but here is a remnant.  haha  Incidentally, I made 2 cheese pizzas with red sauce (the usual), one bbq chicken (my favorite) and an asian style.  Yum!

I made so much dough that I ended up making four pizzas and a slew of bread sticks, too.

For family night I wanted to have some cookies so I made these "healthy cookies" that have no sugar in them.  They were super good!!

I would be feeling like Super Woman, but the kids were slightly neglected through all of this kitchen time.  Dr. D helped some, we played some ball and didn't miss any meals, but there was more TV watching than I would have liked.  Each day holds trade-offs, I guess.  Still feeling great about canning my first meat!  :)  (although canned meat is not beautiful either!)


Jen said...

You are super woman in my book :)
I am way impressed!

RhondaLue said...

once you get used to seeing it all the time that chicken IS beautiful!!! :) Way to go!

Melinda said...

GREAT SALLY! You are keeping busy and making progress!