Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Storage

My latest, and possibly the most beneficial, obsession I've had in a while! :)  I'm not sure what is in the air, but I know several friends who are focused on the same thing right now.  And this was even before the Japan earthquake.  (now that I think about it, I think it was prompted by Rhonda's blogging about her food storage...)  :)

I believe that as women we WANT to take care of our families, which (let's face it) means FOOD.  Food brings health, energy, brain power, and comfort.  There is not much better than opening the pantry, seeing lots of good food in there, and being able to fix something great for your family. I know you feel the same on this one.

I have also been doing some couponing in conjunction with food storage, because on a limited budget that is one of the easiest and fastest ways we are going to be able to stock up.  In the past month I have gotten more than 10 cans of pasta sauce FREE and over 20 boxes of pasta FREE!!  Among other free or seriously cheap food.
In fact, if you want to get pasta for free, you still can!  This week at Fry's.  Just print out these coupons:
 (select American Beauty for the Quick Cook version)

At Fry's this week, this pasta is only 49 cents when you buy 10, so use 5 coupons and get 10 boxes of pasta for free!  You can print each coupon twice, so go ahead and get 20 FREE BOXES!!
Here are some FABULOUS websites/blogs I've been reading lately:

Everyday Food Storage  go to the blog for lots of great stuff.  I am LOVING this blog!!!  Tons of videos on how to make stuff from your food storage (even making yogurt from powdered milk!), how to store is just AWESOME!!

Food Storage Made Easy

Deals to Meals  this is so cool-you can try free for 2 weeks, and if you want to subscribe, it is $4.95 a month.  This site tells you which ads are cheaper than Costco and Walmart, so you know what to stock up on at the store.  It does all the local stores, so you can just make your list of what you want from each store and price match it all at Walmart for one-stop shopping.  It also makes your grocery list and gives you a weekly menu from the stuff on sale that week.  Check it out! (only avail in some states)

Let's keep sharing our ideas and motivation, K?  This is an endeavor worthy of helping each other and plugging away at.  Fun, fun!


Lorie said...

I miss Fry's. And Basha's. And Fresh and Easy.

And the Whettens! ;D

House Of P said...

Pretty please, will you move to Virginia? I need someone here who will find these kind of deals and give me links so I can print off the coupons. You are amazing! Way to stock up on food storage!!! And how about that canned chicken! I'm impressed!

tdljld said...

Please doing posts like this. I need to learn...

Melinda said...

Awesome Sally!

Becca said...

At Smith's this week we had the same deal. I love free pasta!! I follow a site for my couponing stuff. It's AWESOME! There's a national section too that's really great. It's my one stop shop. All the LDS couponers here use that site, the girl that started it is LDS and one of my friends is one of the administrators.

Thanks for the food storage info..I love it! I need to buy a pressure canner.I love home-canned chicken!