Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How we do yogurt

We are a family of yogurt lovers.  Good yogurt is very good for you, with all that good bacteria and all.  BUT--just buying a yogurt at the store isn't always as good for us as we think.  A regular yogurt can have as much sugar as ice cream.  Isn't that scary!?  And I avoid artificial sweeteners (splenda, aspartame, etc.) like the PLAGUE.  So that rules out sugar free.  And just eating plain...well, let's just say my palate isn't adjusted to that yet.  :)

So, here is a super healthy solution to having your yogurt and eating it too:

(picture taken on my phone; not the best)

Plain yogurt (Trader Joe's is my favorite), frozen berries, and real maple syrup (cheapest at Trader Joe's).  Just mix it up in a bowl, and YUM-O!  All the kiddos love it, and I feel so good about feeding it to them.  A winning combination in my book.


Lorie said...

Honey is also REALLY good in yogurt. Honey and granola is one of our favorite combinations.

Also, sliced bananas (because there is so much natural sugar in bananas) is a great option. We love granola on that too! And that way they are getting more fiber!

Jen said...


Salsa Mama said...

Yes, the bananas are great in there too. mmmmmmm