Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Day

Here is an overview of our day today:
Watched a few episodes of Phineas and Ferb, complete with popcorn.  I love Netflix, because you can watch almost three episodes in the time we would have watched one because there are NO COMMERCIALS!!  Which also means no advertising.  LOVE it!!

Put together a new-to-us dinosaur puzzle.  They worked together so nicely (with me helping a tiny bit).  Great puzzle minds!

Made bread.  It came out really well this time, yay!  Last time it tasted good, but was flat because I killed my yeast and didn't fill the pans high enough.  Much betta:

Read books.  It doesn't look like a lot of books, but when you consider we have to read each one at least three times, it feels like a lot.  :)

Played cars.  This is what Tail Gunner does EVERY day, most of the day.  He LOVES cars, trucks, airplanes- any vehicle really.  He lies on his tummy on the kitchen floor and plays with them.

Naunee read Tail Gunner his tractor book about a zillion times.  It was so adorable!  If she got distracted at all, he called her attention right back by saying her name "Nau Na!" a few times right by her face.  

Blondie found a ponytail holder all curled up just like a treble clef.  We had to document.  :)

We did something else too, but I will tell about that later.  :)  Here's a clue:  It involves Barbies and Sharpies...


Jen said...

We have been lovin netflix over here too.
Love the pony tail :)

Drama Queen #1 said...

OOOHHHH my goodness! I found that one too, I just didn't tell anyone for some reason. Glad it was documented!!