Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Da birthday boy

For Tail Gunner's big 0-2 birthday day party, we had a little family dinner party.
We played:

We were excited about cake:

VERY excited:

We pointed and talked about the cake:

 We tried to get into the cake with our brother:

We blew out candles.  Dr. D showed him how to blow with the first candle:

 Then TG knew just what to do:

It was YUMMY cake!

Blondie and Sweet G made a game where we chose a paper out of a bowl that had an object written on it.  We then had to make up a commercial to advertise that object.  Blondie chose "the newest Hip Hop CD".  She gathered a few props for hers:

Teeny Bopper got a "can of peas".  She looks pretty convincing, don't you think?

I wrote down some of the "catchiest" lines from that game.  Some are so funny!
Canned hot dogs- "because any time is wienie time!"
Tangerine- "sweet enough to handle, tart enough to be exciting!"
Overweight Barbie- "because McDonald's is the staple of our society, we have become bigger so our dolls have, too!"
Hip Hop CD- "Bunny Blastin' by Homie.  We're shootin bunny rabbits, wearing hats crooked and other bad habits..."
Doorknob- "only 19.95 plus $195.00 shipping and handling."
Fancy Nancy book- (by Dr. D) "you need to buy these books at the library because store don't sell books."

Nana brought bubbles, including the kind you can catch and stack.  Blondie had fun with these:

Dr. D was pretty fascinated with how they don't pop and they landed all over him.

 I love my baby boy!  (he's great to squish and love on) :)

Happy Birthday Tail Gunner!!
We love you! (lookin' forward to #3)

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Jen said...

ADORABLE pics!!!