Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tail Gunner at Two

What Tailgunner does as a new 2-year-old:

Has times where he talks, and talks, and talks (mostly unrecognizeable, but there is definitely inflection in that jabber)
Loves to sing
Is a very serious, somber observer around people he doesn't know very well
LOVES being outside
Can say prayers (it's so CUTE!) and read scriptures (he repeats what we say in both cases, although he does input some of his own into the prayers)  He loves to fold his arms.
Favorite game is hide and seek, esp the counting and seeking part.  Not so much the hiding.
Can say all of the family and close friends names
They sound like this:  Teeny Bopper is "Eeeeee",  Blondie is "Nana", Little Miss is "See-see-ya", Dr. D is "Een-ta".  For some reason he doesn't say Sweet G's or his own name very often.
Loves bubbles with all his heart, esp. the "bubba dun", Teeny boppers bubble gun
Finally likes nursery at church!!  He actually wants to go now
Doesn't care for TV.  Even if its on he doesn't watch it, except sometimes he watches video games momentarily
Loves watermelon, apples "bapp-o", grapes "geeps", strawberries "beeees", frozen cherries, yogurt, toast "tote", pizza
Loves to drink water, hates milk.  When he wants a drink he says thirsty, sounds like "tee-tee"
Still has orange hair
Loves cars, both real and toy
Loves looking at pictures of himself and family
Loves grandpa "paw-paw", grandma "pa-ma", and Nana "nana"
Goes to bed well and sleeps well at night, but has recently started revolting his naps.  Not ready for that yet!

That's our Tail Gunner in a nutshell!  Babies change so fast.  I love being his mom and watching him grow.


Jen said...

Love the orange hair! :)

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Melinda said...

He is the cutest little Tail Gunner ever! Love that boy.