Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good sister

Tail Gunner, my babiest of babies, is turning two this weekend!!  I have a certain amount of sadness in this turn of events.  And as happens when little ones grow up, he is wanting more and more independence.  For example, he doesn't want sippy cups much anymore.  He wants regular cups.  He also fights sitting in his highchair.  He wants to sit at the big table.  Which most of the time is fine, but with especially messy food, it is a disaster.
Take cereal, for instance.  Yesterday TG wanted to sit at the big table with his cereal and I just didn't want to deal with a big mess.  We have church at 8:30 am - I just didn't have time to clean up all that.  So I put him in his highchair, kicking and protesting all the way.  I put him in anyway and went into the kitchen to clean up.  Well, after several seconds of crying he stopped.  I thought he would go on for a while so I took a peek and saw this:

Little Miss moved her cereal over to his highchair so he wouldn't feel so alone over there, I guess.  It worked!  He totally went with that and was happy as a lark.  What a great sister!!


Jen said...

2 is such a milestone. No more baby :(

Mack is Mr Independent over here too. it's ridiculous sometimes!

House Of P said...

Who needs to be at the table when your chair becomes the table?! What a sweet, sweet sister!