Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day

One of the things I love most about DH is how seriously he takes patriotic holidays.  For Memorial Day, our tradition is to go visit our grandpas at the cemetary and place new flags at their graves.  We have also added his cousin who was killed in Afghanistan to the rounds as well.
Here is my grandpa's grave.  He repaired B-17's in WWII:

 DH's cousin is in the same cemetery (buried next to his dad and little niece):

Three family members in a row:

A cute little turkey:

We also took a trip to the state capital to see the memorial that has the aforementioned cousin on it.  Such a nice memorial!  It was quite an eventful trip. Sweet G had a bit of tummy upset in the car on the way.  I had her swap places with Teeny Bopper for the window seat just in time.   Luckily we had loaded the car with water bottles before leaving, because we had to use most of them to wash off the side of the suburban.  :)  At least she felt better after that.

A bunch of turkeys.  (interesting "cheese" face on Dr. D):

On the way home we made one more stop to DH's great grandpa:

The oldest and youngest turkeys:

It's nice to take time out to remember those who have sacrificed all for their country and family.  We miss and love them all!  Thank you!!


Jen said...

Your guys are teaching your kids so well!

Melinda said...

What a fun way of spending the day. You are teaching your kids to respect and remember our servicemen and women. I love it! Great pics too