Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pioneer Trek

Today's the day!!!  Teeny Bopper has the tremendous opportunity to go on a re-enactment of a pioneer handcart trek.  Her journey will last for 3 days, and I KNOW it will be one of the highlights of her life.  The youth had to pack their belongings into one bucket.  No modern conveniences allowed for the most part (no make up, electronics, phones, etc.).  We found out when we dropped her off this morning that they won't even have tents.  (they do have sleeping bags, though) 
We have a tremendous youth in this ward.  They are such great kids, and the leaders are fantastic!! 
Here is TB with one of the "Ma's".  She is the bishop's wife, and we love her:

Here is the bishop giving some instructions:  (the guy in the beard in this photo is also Tail Gunner's nursery teacher.  He is the reason TG loves nursery!)

TB with one of her good friends in the ward:

More group pioneers pics:

The kids are going to receive a leather bracelet which they will engrave the name of someone who has inspired them, and they are trekking in their honor.  TB chose a pioneer ancestor of hers that left everything in order to join the church and join the saints in the West.  She traveled all the way from England on her own - she left her own family behind - and crossed the plains as a young teenager.  She carried a baby most of the way for another family.  Her story is an inspiration to us, and she is a fitting name to wear on TB's bracelet.
We can't wait to hear all about the trek when TB gets home!!  (next time, I WANT TO GO!!)  They do this every 4 years so that most of the kids get one chance to go. 

Carry On!

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Jen said...

i have never experienced a trek however most of my siblings did. What an experience that is going to be:)