Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Merry Adventures of Prescott

This weekend was DH's and my second ever get away without our kids!  Yes, in almost 17 years.  It was fun and our kids were very well supervised by Naunee, who spoiled them and made them happy to have a break from their parents.  :)  (it was all part of her master plan...)
We went to the AZ Centennial Celebration in Prescott.  The weather was GORGEOUS, as was the town itself. DH was invited to do his historical flag presentation.  This means all our expenses were paid, giving us a free vacation!!  Woot, woot
Here is the evidence of our adventures in Prescott:

This is us listening to Marshall Trimble (I probably messed that spelling up big time!).  He is the State Historian.

We LOVED loved loved the Ballet Folklorico Arizona.  Both of us got super homesick for Mexico.
Oh, the dresses!!!

The dresses!  The dresses!!  I WANT one.

The machete dance.  The boys blindfold themselves and "fight"/dance with real machetes.  Impressive!

So cute!!  They said these dresses contain 200 yards of fabric and ribbon and are very heavy.  Still want one!

The Mexican Hat Dance.  Their skirts were completely sparkly sequins!

Biplanes flew over a few times.  So cool!

Our own little corner of the world:

Someone stole one of our flags!!  Can you believe that??
Here is DH doin' his stuff on stage.  I love hearing this and learn something almost every time, even though I've heard it so many times.  And he is so cute! :)

The cicadas were loud!  But they are interesting to look at:

And the food was fun, but SUPER duper expensive!!  At least we had the cicadas...  haha

A HUGE thank you to Naunee for taking charge of the fam so I could go with DH on this trip.  It was fun, and we will be doing this again in Tucson and Phoenix and will take the kids this time.  There is tons of fun stuff for everyone to do, and the weather will be nice.  Woohoo!