Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Zoni Awards

Teeny Bopper and Sweet G were both nominated for Zoni awards for their performances in Jekyll & Hyde this past year.  That is a huge honor, and we were so pleased for them!!!  The Zoni's are the Arizona version of the Tony awards.  We didn't realize what a big deal it was until we went to the award ceremony and saw how many different acting companies and plays there were to be nominated from.  The night began with getting all gussied up.

I didn't have my camera out to capture it, but there was a red carpet for us to walk in on.  So fun!  The hosts for the night were interesting.  Entertaining, yes.  Age appropriate comedy for youth awards?  Sometimes.

Here we are in our seats.

After the awards.  They didn't actually win, but that's ok.  They were so happy to just have received a nomination!

Here is the whole AYT group.  Overall, they came away with almost half of all the Zoni awards!!  A very talented group, for sure.

After the award ceremony we attended the after-party.  No pictures were taken here.  We had some good food, and there was dancing for the kids.  Pretty good, until one of the songs came on that was HIGHLY offensive.  The song was bad enough but there was a video screen up playing music videos, and the video was VERY bad.  We left after that.

Except for the last sour note at the party, it was a fun night and I hope we get the honor to attend again!  Congratulations to Ernestine and the Flower Seller's Mother.  We love you and knew one day all the "drama" would pay off.  :)


*Katie May* said...

How cool is that!

House Of P said...

What an awesome experience! Your girls look beautiful all gussied up! :)

Melinda said...

What an honor! Way to go girls!